Orrea Light

"We create the trend, we don't follow others!"

Acerca De Orrea Light

After 6 years in New York, Orrea Light has landed in Paris to join L'Oréal Paris International team as a Color Designer. A makeup expert and true formulation genius, Orrea Light is in charge of the development of shades, looks, and makeup trends. She works in direct relation with the marketing teams, research laboratories, development, and the make-up artists, so as to create the most desirable and expert beauty products of the future.

As a true make-up “anthropologist”, Orrea is constantly traveling around the world, in order to study cultures, catch the trends and create breakthrough launches in each country. She’s coming back each time with thousands of ideas in her treasure trove which she overviews night and day. Orrea draws her inspiration from multiple areas: fashion, design, popular culture, music, art, society, automobile industry, architecture, textile…Constantly searching for new inspiration, she’s always in exhibits, backstage, photo shoots or openings to find what's next on the beauty horizon.

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